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About Nicole Homan

and the ministry of Planted. 



      I'm Nicole - an author, speaker, worship leader and song writer who spends most of my days covered in peanut butter-and-jelly and drinking a cup of cold coffee. Why, you may ask? Well, when my husband and I prayed for a large family, we were thinking of a "mini-van," but God decided we looked like the kind of people who needed a "mini-bus!" Fourteen kids later - we can't help but agree! God's plans are always so much better than ours.  

Our life verse is Isaiah 61:3b: "For they will be called trees of righteousness, planted by the Lord to glorify Him." 

      I fully believe that there is no insignificant life. God plants us - in neighborhoods, in workplaces, on college campuses, and in homes - to display His glory and reveal His reality. We are not on this earth by accident, we are here on assignment. 

        My passion is to see women of all ages encounter the love of the Father, walk in their identity as His daughters, and take their place to be used by Him right where He has planted their feet - to live their lives on purpose for His purposes. For that happen, I recognize the need for women to be PLANTED securely in the truth of God's Word. 

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       Out of this passion, my non-profit, Planted Ministry, was birthed.  Our mission is to plant women of all ages in the truth of God's Word through Bible Studies, Resources, Events and More. Everything we host is offered free or at low cost - ensuring all are welcome to the table. Over the years, we have saw God do incredible things in the lives of women - women truly TRANSFORMED by sitting around the Word of God and studying it together. His Word -His Truth- SETS US FREE (John 8:32). 

If you would like to partner with us to see these opportunities continue to happen, go to our "Contact" page and let us know!

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