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They Call Me Mama

This book is my meager attempt to share our lives with you—the good, the laughable, the hard, and the worth it of raising 14 children. I want to give you more than a filtered Instagram picture or edited Facebook post.


To Know Him As Father

Get to know the Heavenly Father in a real and personal way during this 13 lesson Bible Study. Grab hold of His love for you like never before. Discover not only who He is, but who YOU are as His child.
To Know Him As Father is a hands-on approach to Bible Study with application questions in every single lesson. This is a journey through scripture you will never forget!


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Planted Bible Studies

These Studies are straight from Nicole's journals and times with the Lord. Each one is filled with solid, Biblical teaching and application questions - requiring the reader to go beyond the lesson and ask, "How will this apply to the way I live my life today?"  

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Made On Purpose

This book points children to the truth of God's Word and speaks to them of their value, beauty, and significance. It also provides a list of ways parents can continue to speak value into their child and continue sharing the message in days to come. 



Praise Is Rising

Original praise and worship music by Niki Homan.



Original praise and worship music by Niki Homan.

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